War vet slaps chair, ZBC, The Zimbabwean with $2m lawsuit

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September 8, 2016
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War vet slaps chair, ZBC, The Zimbabwean with $2m lawsuit


ZIMBABWE National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWA) secretary general, Cde
Shadreck Makombe has slapped The Zimbabwean, ZBC and War vets Midlands chairperson,
Cde Terry Shumba with a $2 million defamation suit. Also being sued is The Zimbabwean’s
Midlands Reporter, Brenna Matendere, the author of the controversial story.
The Zimbabwean ran a story in its February 20 to 26 edition alleging that Cde Makombe and the
former freedom fighters association were investigating Zanu4PF Politburo member, Dr Cephas
Msipa for selling land at his State allocated farm in Gweru.
The national broadcaster, ZBC, then captured Midlands War vets chairperson, Cde Shumba at a
Press conference, denouncing Cde Makombe for “attacking” Dr Msipa.
Cde Makombe denied ever giving an interview to The Zimbabwean reporter, Matendere.
“I am suing the above mentioned respondents for $500,000 each. Brenna never phoned me
over the story neither did ZBC television. I am shocked by this kind of journalism. It’s strange to
just find yourself quoted in a paper that you never gave an interview to. I am also surprised by
my colleague, Cde Shumba for attacking me without first establishing the facts with me. This
amounts to insubordination. As a comrade, Cde Shumba should have known better.
Interestingly, I was in South Africa when The Zimbabwean and ZBC ran the stories,” he said.
The war vets leader said it appears there was a deliberate campaign to smear his name.
He said the players involved decided to pick on a respected senior party member like Dr Msipa
to ensure that their plans to destroy him succeeded.
Cde Makombe’s lawyer, David Mhiribidi of Mhiribidi and Partners in Bulawayo said papers had
already been filed with the High Court.
“We have filed a lawsuit against ZBC, Shumba from the war veterans association, The
Zimbabwean newspaper and its reporter for defamation following an article, which was
published in the newspaper last month. Makombe was quoted in the article regardless of the
fact that he was not interviewed by any reporter from the newspaper. ZBCtv went on to run a
story in which Shumba was responding to the article also implicating Makombe,” said Mhiribidi.
He said his client was demanding $500,000 from each of the above mentioned respondents.
Cde Makombe was quoted in The Zimbabwean alleging that former Midlands Governor, Dr
Msipa was being investigated for allegedly selling land allocated to him under the government’s
land reform programme.
The paper further alleged war veterans were investigating numerous other reports that people
who benefited from the land redistribution programme were selling the land they were given.
Cde Shumba responded to the article through a Press statement in which he accused Cde
Makombe of using the association to propagate his personal opinions.
“As war veterans Midlands Chapter, we would like to categorically dissociate ourselves from the
report, which was purportedly to have been issued by ZNLWA secretary general, Cde Makombe
to one of the privately owned newspapers.
“We would like to clearly state that, we do not have such a report in our office and we are not
investigating any person for selling or sub4letting land allocated to them under the land reform



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