What we offer

Fast Turn-around time | Personal service, No delegation | Availability | Sensitivity to delicate matters


  • General court representations (Criminal, Civil and Labour).
  • Arbitration (Labour issues).
  • Administration of Deceased Estates.
  • Notarial Work (Name changes, Liquor and Shop licenses, creation and management/administration of Trusts, drafting of wills etc).
  • Conveyancing (transfer of property title, rights and interests, lodging and cancellation of bonds, application for lost deeds, bonds etc).
  • Debts recovery (collection of debts from defaulting debtors).
  • Trademarks and patents (relevant for brand protection).
  • Censorship Agents for artists (musical and all alike).
  • Counselling and all matters that require legal attention.
  • Intellectual Property, and Property Consultants.


    We are inveterate problem solvers and experienced trial lawyers, we resort to litigation only when necessary. Given our experience, we understand the economics and mechanics of the trial and judicial process. We use the courts when prudent, taking cases to trial when necessary; but we also realise the value of mediated outcomes when circumstances warrant. And, finally, we believe justice can be served in a litigation setting, one case at a time, with civility. While we believe that practicing civility is – intrinsically — the right way to practice law, we also pragmatically believe that a lack of civility has a disturbing tendency to prolong litigation, — driving up costs and fees for clients and impeding settlements. In other words, a lack of civility is both wrong and bad for business. We practice law with civility – because it is the right way to practice law and also because that approach is more likely to lead to cost-effective solutions for our clients in the long run. .