Vision & values


“Client Solutions that Exceed Expectations”


Is to be a dynamic legal firm, providing unparalleled professional assistance and to excel as a leading multicultural law firm that reflects and builds upon the growing diversity of the communities we serve; by guaranteeing our clients legal desires and being devoted to the effective finalisation of all matters.

The aim of the firm is to:

Promote and stoutly defend the Rule of Law.

Promote the cause of justice worldwide through the development of case law, legislation and international legal infrastructure development.

Offer professional services without any discrimination, to both private individuals, communities, corporate organisations and governmental bodies in accordance with the finest ethics of the law society of Zimbabwe .

Encourage and promote legal knowledge and education in the practice of law worldwide.

Assist in the protection, promotion and uplifting of the integrity of the legal profession.

Disseminate and import these ideals to succeeding generations of the members of the legal profession worldwide.


Passion for our work is the key that drives us to go the extra mile.


Every person at Mutuso, Taruvinga & Mhiribidi Attorneys is committed to being disciplined, dedicated, accessible, productive, responsive, and technologically sophisticated to provide the utmost value and accountability to our clients by abiding to the following shared values:

Honesty, sincerity, openness and fairness are the building blocks of integrity. By embracing these values and holding ourselves to the highest levels of personal and professional behaviour in all our relationships, we have earned the trust and respect to become a firm our clients truly swear by. We uphold the ethical standards of our profession, but still practice competitively.

Our culture of understanding, compassion and respect for each other naturally carries through to our relationships with our clients and gives rise to active involvement in our communities. We believe in the fundamental dignity of each individual and every client or employee is valued for his or her unique experiences and perspectives.

We value the unique skills of each individual at Mutuso, Taruvinga & Mhiribidi; and strategically leverage our broad knowledge base to build dedicated interdisciplinary, problem-solving teams that are greater than the sum of their individual parts. This allows us to anticipate our clients’ challenges, and provide breakthrough solutions.

Applied ingenuity is the impetus of our success at Mutuso, Taruvinga & Mhiribidi. We value and reward creativity and innovation, and provide our professionals with an entrepreneurial yet collegial atmosphere where we take our work seriously. This environment gives rise to the free flow of ideas which we transform into forward thinking client solutions.